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Just wondering...

Do you still think that the Movies/Music Patch is going to come out?  

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  1. 1. Do you still think that the Movies/Music Patch is going to come out?

    • Yes
    • No

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Alright, I can see "coming soon" having a bit of leeway on time because of its vagueness, but "a couple of days" doesn't quite give that same slack. Besides, how hard can it be for LucasArts to get this patch out of the way? Evidently(assuming Obsidian is telling us everything, which I'll give the benefit of the doubt and say it is), there isn't particularly 'nething wrong with the patch to cause them to send it back.

And I can understand why they wouldn't release the patch: the community seems fairly unhappy 'neways, so it wouldn't change a whole lot whether it was released or not.

There isn't some giant notice saying officially that one is coming out.

And it would definitely be bandwidth heck for them to release it.

Write me in for a no.

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Blizzard does not ask itself silly questions with bandwith when they patch Wolrd of Warcraft : they use BitTorrent and send the main patches to sites known for their huge downloading section...


And I WILL be happy when this content patch will be available. In even may write them a mail to thank them...

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Where is the option for "I shoulda used the Search function and saw that several threads already exist on this topic?"


When you created this poll, the third topic down on the first page is one of many topics on the subject.

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