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Always fighting the sith

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Why is it that it doesnt matter weather you follow the l/s or d/s you still fight the sith.

What is the point of having the choice of l/s and d/s when all you do is fight the sith. You carnt really call your self a sith if you are killing them.

I reckon that if you are a jedi (L/s) then you fight the sith, if you are sith (D/s) then you fight the jedi.



What would be amazing, if that somewhere within the new Kotor3 game you have to gather an army up to face off against the opposite sides on a planet and be part of a massive on screen war. There could be three factions which you have to choose to join (sith, jedi, rebels). You choose a faction work your way to controlling them and them fight to be the prime force in the galaxy.


What do you think? :huh:

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Evil spends as much time killing each other as it does killing anyone else. The Sith ethos of "survival of the fitest" means that they have no choice but to kill each other.


Probably one of the reasons that Darth bloke set up the two sith only system.

I have to agree with Volourn.  Bioware is pretty much dead now.  Deals like this kills development studios.


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What do you think? :huh:


I think the gaming industry is working it's way towards giving you that which you want.


It's not that the developers haven't conceptualized this potential effect of choosing sides, but it most likely would require much/too much work to realize it.


Already the fact that you can alter many aspects of KotOR, such as your alignment and the alignment of your allies, is a vast improvement from the linear games that existed only a few years ago.


Soon, as the game industry continues to expand and companies become large corporations, they will spend millions of dollars on the development of such things.


So don't fret, it won't take too long. Technology grows exponentially.



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If you go DS in JK or JA you still end up killing all the Sith bad guys - so I didn't find it out of the ordinary. Wouldn't K1 be doing what you want though? You become the Sith lord, take out Malak, then go against the Republic/Jedi?


Pure Pazaak - The Stand-alone Multiplayer Pazaak Game (link to Obsidian board thread)

Pure Pazaak website (big thank you to fingolfin)

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Though in JA, if you go Dark, you still kill the Sith, but you kill the Jedi as well.


T'ing to remember is that usually when the game allows you to go Dark, it makes the character want complete domination. Ergo it won't become Darth wassiname's apprentice, it'd rather just kill Darth wassiname and just nick his followers - but said followers will of course get in the way when said Darth tries to defend himself, so ergo in order to rule the Sith, you have to kill off those who a strong enough to already oppose you to begin with.


If that makes any sense :(

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it is correct that there is no proper DS path in these games.

in these games good and evil are nothing more than mirror images of each other.


obviously, this has to change at some point in these games.

but, all-in-all, the idea of being able to play the same game two different

ways was an ambitious undertaking...they just haven't quite captured it yet.

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