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Sorry it took so long.

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Hehe, yes, I wanted to show her relaxed and happy. I don't usually paint clothes - I hate it and I'm no good at it. :- And I think it shows.

(I have done several nudes of the crew, and while they're not kinky or anything, they're not PG13! I can post the censored versions here if people want to see them?)

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You draw computer game characters to be casually naked? :shifty:



Nice lips and skin tones! :o


And yeah... I draw everybody I draw naked, usually. :"> I'm lazy. The folds and textures of clothing boggle me. Skin is easy - there's generally no drape and the texture is smooth. LOL

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You dont think they look like boneless tentacles?

(The hands...)

Well, thanks. :thumbsup: Everyone loves a little ego stroking. :D

I promised the very patient Faramir the Exile/Visas pic a long time ago, but a kiddo with medical problems sort of obliterated my drawing time for a bit there. lol All is well now, and I'm back to fiddling with Photoshop.

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