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  1. Glad to see that things are looking up. Congrats to all who got promoted, by the way!
  2. That would make a wicked username. :cool:
  3. That sounds quite good. Would tup be an acronym for Taris -- Upper City?
  4. Been there, done that. " And sociopathy will only contradict charisma at the end, so it isn't really the best example. Charisma seems more like a good collective combination of strength, constitution, intelligence, and maybe even some wisdom -- in case one wants to augment the spontaneous conversation.
  5. White Label... Oh, I got so many titles from those releases -- mostly adventure games. Got both of the Star Trek ones from Sweden. :D That's the lack of things to figure out, really. It's like the previous games, but without the adventure part. And you also get a short afterword depending on the score. A rather confusing About page added.
  6. :D The install must have been a bit of a pain. Is that without the Speech Pack? Four Klingon ships are nearly impossible to go against. The SNES and Sega 32X versions of Starfleet Academy are comfortably similar in style.
  7. The crippled Republic was cool. Which version did you initially play, Jags? I'm playing through the diskette version now to see what lines Shatner had them omit for being "uncharacteristic" of Kirk. Demons? Gates of hell? Get real, man! :D
  8. And that about sums up my relationship with coffee. I'm a lousy English Language Student.
  9. Ah, so he's with Green Ronin now. Just thought it a bit odd that for being a prominent game designer (for a period of time), he doesn't even have a webpage. Thanks, I'll go read up on their site. Also, I really liked the humour in Castles.
  10. The transition's never easy, but it will get better over time. Their egos grew as the game developed...
  11. Currently playing: Various games by Interplay. Looking forward to: Prince of Persia 3, maybe.
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