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UK: Buying RPGs Online - Advice Needed!!!!!


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Im living in the Isle of Man, one of the ****tiest places in the world, and I cannot find any of my favourite classic rpgs here. Thus, Ive decided to buy them online. I want brand NEW copies of the rpgs. What website can I buy them from? I was thinking of buying them from Amazon.com, but I dont know which sellers are good to buy from.... Any recommendations? Any advice for me?


Any help on this would be greatly appreciated, as I am DESPERATE for copies of the following games:


Baldurs Gate

Tales of the Sword Coast

Baldurs Gate 2

Throne of Bhaal

Planescape Torment

Icewind Dale

Heart of Winter


Fallout 2


Its quite obvious that games such as these are never going to be released again, so I badly need to buy the copies while they are still available.....

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Also, does anyone have any idea about buying from the US? Its a lot cheaper if I get it from there, but how much does delivery cost, and how long does it take?????



Probably an added $10 or so on the order. There should be some sort of options to calculate shipping costs before you actually put your Credit Card number in if you go to Checkout. I recently netted Planescape Torment and the Fallouts from there for around $12 total (with shipping). Of course, I'm in the US. Keep in mind that the Fallouts and Planescape Torment they're selling there are the dual jewel editions, and therefore only come with .pdf manuals. That doesn't bother me, but I know some people like having the actual manual. *cough*Volourn*cough*



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I belive Fallout 1&2 are also found in the sold-out colection :lol:


For me the hardest one to find was PST but after searching intensely for it I discovered it on 2 Romanaian Online Shops :)


Q:If the games are avaiveble on on-line Romanian shops,shouldn't they be available on the UK ones?

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Amazon.co.uk doesn't ship to Romania; that might change when you join the EU. As it is, you might try Amazon.de, or if you know someone well in the UK, you could ask them to order a game and send it on through regular post.

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I've ordered from Amazon sellers before here in the US, I'm just careful to read the feedback buyers have left about their transactions. A lot of the same kind of complaint, and I'd rather pay a few cents more to buy from somebody else.


My experience has been good 99% of the time. The nice thing about ordering from them versus eBay is that Amazon actually does stand behind these people, and they make good on their guarantee. They do refund your money if your stuff never arrives, etc., and they regulate how much can be charged for shipping and handling.

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I spent 17 pounds on bg and tosc, quite a ****load of money(32 dollars), specially for such an old game, but that was the cheapest offer and as I said i was really desperate. Especially for bg, since my old cds back home are probably completely ****ed up.


I dont think that amazon uk offers any guarantees of any sort.


As for the feedback, whats the point? Isnt it all fake anyway? Almost all the sellers have 99 or 97 percent positive reviews or something.

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I've bought a load of stuff from amazon sellers, second-hand and brand new, and I've never had any problems. Most (actually, all) of the games you are looking for are fast becoming collector's items so I wouldn't expect to find them cheap anywhere else. There's always eBay UK as well, if you aren't nervous about using their system.





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Planescape: Torment brand new for 99 SEK (7,24 GBP or 10,59 EUR).

Fallout 1 & 2 brand new for 99 SEK (7,24 GBP or 10,59 EUR).

Baldur's Gate + Tales of the Sword Coast brand new for 149 SEK (10,90 GBP or 15,95 EUR).

Baldur's Gate 2 + Throne of Bhaal brand new for 189 SEK (13,83 GBP or 20,23 EUR).

Icewind Dale brand new for 99 SEK (7,24 GBP or 10,59 EUR).

Heart of Winter Expansion brand new for 129 SEK (9,44 GBP or 13,81 EUR).


Crap. I just noticed they don't ship outside Sweden! After all that work writing.. Argh.


Oh well, maybe some swede finds some use in these links. Webhallen is a great company at least, and I order all my private games from there.

Swedes, go to: Spel2, for the latest game reviews in swedish!

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Good old Webhallen :D I buy everything except hardware from them.

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As for the feedback, whats the point? Isnt it all fake anyway? Almost all the sellers have 99 or 97 percent positive reviews or something.


There's more than a few feedback posts that I'll guarantee aren't fake--they're my own. Anyway, don't do anything you're not comfortable with. Ordering online, I'd just rather deal with Amazon than eBay, here anyway.

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