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How do you play choice good/evil games?  

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  1. 1. How do you play choice good/evil games?

    • Play as a saint first, then start a new game as a bad dude
    • Play as the bad dude first, then start a new game as a saint
    • Saint- Play as good, never play evil
    • Bad dude- Play as evil, never play good
    • Try to stay neutral as much as possible

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I play all four possibilities first (LSf, DSf, LSm, DSm) for the sake of seeing the entire story. Then, upon repeated plays, I always play LSf (however, I keep a DSf for when I'm having a bad day and need something to beat upon).

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I don't shackle myself to categorical labels - I roleplay *my* character the way *I* see fit.


hm, same here and yet it always seems to end up being LS - neutral I just can't help it, damn concience!!!!


I also only play as male, cause i just don't feel right playing as a woman its just somehow awkward

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I don't have a side that I usually play first, but I have no problems playing either way. For most RPGs I can decide beforehand what type of character to roleplay, and then do it. If I pick DS, I'll be malicious and cruel-hearted, always looking out for myself first. If I pick LS, I'll be kind and helpful, thinking of my companions.


In general, I like the Force powers that DS gets better (Storm, Kill, Crush, etc.) but I like the LS story better. I find that a lot of the DS options are just being a petty thug, which seems kind of stupid. I'd rather play the evil mastermind, manipulating others to do my will than the thug that kills anyone who disagrees with them. I guess I like playing LS better because it gives a better story and a better roleplaying experience, but DS can be a lot of fun too, and I have no problems roleplaying an evil character.

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