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Hidden Crystal abilities?

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I started a new game recently, just to experiment with the cheats. I figure I'm never going to get to Level 50 in a normal game, but I wanted to see some of the better stuff in the game, like Malak's Armor, Arca's robes, Kaiburr crystal, etc.


Anyways, I've found something interesting, and I wanted to see if anyone else found it. I've found no documentation online that mentions it.


I'm still on Peragus. I've got 2 lightsabers. One is normal-sized orange with a full-strength DS character crystal and the Qixoni crystal. The other is a bronze short lightsaber with kaiburr and firkrann crystals.


Flurry is my favorite, and I've noticed when my short saber makes the final hit of the Flurry, sometimes a droid or person gets knocked back??


Also, my strength is at 20.


Anyone else with either a bronze or kaiburr crystal see this? Its not subtle either. I was moving the fire suppression turrets on Peragus.

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Kaiburr: WIS: +3, CON: +3, Regen: +3

Firkrann: Dam: +2-12 vs. Droid, Atk: +2 (I didn't spawn this crystal...I just found it in-game.)


If its on the -name- crystal, that's probably it. Maybe the animation is a little slow or I'm not seeing it right, I don't know.


I didn't recall seeing it listed anywhere, that's why I wanted to ask.

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I guess the low, fixed DC of the Knockback makes the effect hard to notice, considering that you usually don't even get the crystal before level 12..13. And the Slow seems virtually impossible to notice at all, since most enemies are dead after the first combat round and the rest aren't likely to run away.

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