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Soundtrack Available

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Well, if you have it for PC (I have both KOTOR and KOTOR II-TSL for XBOX) you can rename all the music files as .mp3 rather than .wav. If you don't, well, find someone who does via internet or just a friend and have them send you a copy!


I loved both of the games soundtracks, KOTOR II's was more eery and dark, as expected, but I loved what Jeremy Soule did with KOTOR. The main theme for the first game that had the SW tune fade was great!!!!

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If you have a good music player, it has certaintly said you it was 48 Kbps 32000 Hz Mono MP3. However, a pack with high quality movies and musics will be available very soon, as the developpers said it in the technical forum. Just wait a few days.

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