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Breaking down items

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Bao Dur is my skill master. When I attempt to create items with him, the check is made against his skill points. Yet, when I attempt to break down items, the check is made against my character's Repair skill, who gets 1 skill point per level, which I've been dumping into Awareness. So my char has 0 Repair skill. All breakdowns will result in 1 component. So basically if I wanted to break down my entire inventory at the workbench, I'd be getting like 65 components, using Bao Dur, T3, my char or anyone. :thumbsup:


I know the lab station seems to work as intended. If I use various characters, the check is made against them individually, not against my char solely for breaking down items.


I'm wondering if this problem is affecting everyone, and does anyone know a solution, if it is indeed a bug? I'm honestly about to reroll a new char just to take the points in Repair because in this run-through the workbench is of little use to me.

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That's just the way the game works....item breakdown uses the Exiles Repair skill.

Why, I couldn't tell you.


P.S. There's really not much need for more than 10-15 in awareness. Ever.

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This discussion brings up something very interesting about the KOTOR games and how they are designed and how you can metagame them to do what you want them to do:


1) They are action-RPGs with an emphasis on action more than RPG to some extent.


This effects your starting character class because KOTOR I was almost always about playing as a Soldier/Guardian, or Scout/Sentinel. I am now replaying the original using a Scoundrel/Counselor character... BUT I am basically making them a qausi-Sentinel/Guradian by putting some of my starting attributes into strength and the rest into other areas, most notably Wisdom and Charisma for when I become a Jedi Class (Counselor) on Dantooine.


2) The Sith Lords is the same thing... Except you skip your "civilian" class and start directly out as a Jedi Class of your choice.


But guess what?


The best class is still the balanced class of the Sentinel because of its starting stats and feat and skill progression compred to the others.


So, what one and two have to do with the original post is your best bet for the KOTOR games is to be the balanced class (Sentinel) because of the fairly rapid feat and skill progression, and if you allocate enough INT (Intelligence) at the start... At least 15, if not 16... You should be able to level your skills at each level-up fairly consistently AND bring them up rather quickly to where you won't be weak in any area.


The only skill I purposefully neglect is STEALTH.




Because you don't need it in either of these games -- And even in KOTOR, just pump up Mission's Stealth (not your PC) for the Leviathan sequence -- And those points can be put into something more useful like Repair or Computer. And if you use the Cross-Class skill Feats for these, you already get an extra 1/2/3+ bonus on top of that too.


You don't even need Stealth on Peragus because each droid is XP, and they aren't at all hard to kill... So kill them all :thumbsup:


Also, Lady Crimson is right. You don't need anything above awareness 15 to access any hidden dialogues or options. This is where Persuade and Force Persuade come in as well as your other skills like Repair and Computer (T3 upgrades) and Security if you don't like switching between party members to unlock a simple door or canister.

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