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  1. There are some bugs I'd like to bring into the open. When in the midst of some of the dialogues with various characters, I get the urge to fall asleep. I try hard to stay awake, but I am always forced to back out of the conversation and exit the game, so I can go lie down for awhile. I have the same problem at the end of the game; on Malachor there are several hundred, if not thousands, of Force Beasts (Or whatever they're called) that I have to wade through in order to reach hundreds of Sith folk in the academy. The ending sequence has the same effect as the dialogues. I am forced to exit the game after a wave of 50 force beasts or sith due to that strange urge to fall asleep. Are there strange reagents in the color pallette or something during these sequences? Is anyone else suffering the same problems?
  2. Bao Dur is my skill master. When I attempt to create items with him, the check is made against his skill points. Yet, when I attempt to break down items, the check is made against my character's Repair skill, who gets 1 skill point per level, which I've been dumping into Awareness. So my char has 0 Repair skill. All breakdowns will result in 1 component. So basically if I wanted to break down my entire inventory at the workbench, I'd be getting like 65 components, using Bao Dur, T3, my char or anyone. I know the lab station seems to work as intended. If I use various characters, the check is made against them individually, not against my char solely for breaking down items. I'm wondering if this problem is affecting everyone, and does anyone know a solution, if it is indeed a bug? I'm honestly about to reroll a new char just to take the points in Repair because in this run-through the workbench is of little use to me.
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