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Droid Planet Discovery

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Now that Obsidian have stated that LucasArts rejected their plea for a content patch, it would be nice of they instead filled the TSL Restoration modders in on what their intetions was with stuff like this...


They won't? Why not?

Probably because it would cost money.


Money coming out from LA or Obsidian pocket?

Good question. Presumably LA don't want to fund it and Obsidian don't either. But this is speculation because I haven't heard any confirmation beyond the Ass. Prod. saying that "We asked LA if we could make a content patch and they said 'No'."


Probably Obsidian wanted LA to foot the bill for Obsidian's mistake. Just a speculation.

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To get to the droid planet you need to download the modules for it and place them in your modules folder in the kotor II directory. You can then get to the planet using the cheat "warp 801dro". As for the armband, just place the files into your override directory, then use the cheat "giveitem d3_location" to get the armband in the game. Just put on the armband, walk up to a door that you want to open, and use it. The door will fly open. Use this near the unseledtable doors in Trayus Academy to get to the hidden locations. *Note: I didn't make this armband, I am just posting it so that others can use it.


The droid planet is cool...it is easy to get lost in though, and I got stuck in one spot (going from 802-803 I think) Too bad you can't use the computers - or is that just me?


Thanks for posting this!

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you need to download the missing modules for pc version (search google)

use the warp cheat to beam into the areas.

you can find the whereami armband here

you need some extra files created by ....umm .... darth333 (if i remember correct) to unlock the doors with it. I don't know where i found the DL source, sorry.

a bit late but since the thread is still active...


There is a new version of the whereami armband that includes all the necessary files to open any door so no there is no more need for the patch :)



Cheats work the same way in Kotor 2, the inly difference with Kotor 1 is that the console is invisible. Just find the file called "swkotor2.ini" in you swkotor2 folder. Edit the file with Notepad by adding under the line [Game Options] add the following line:



While playing, press [~] (or the key combination normally used to make a tilde - it vaires with the keyboard's language settings).

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I don't know if anyone has mentioned it but...

Does anybody think that could have originally been what was going to be used as Atton in the torture/death scene at the end of the game?


No it isn't, and here are the reasons.


1. That corpse stills has both it's arms.

2. It has no eyes.

3. It's not in a pool of it's own blood.

4. It doesn't look like Atton.

5. It looks pretty rotten, so I'd say he was killed before you get to the Trayus Academy.

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I got the armband and installed the modules like you said. But for some reason I can't seem to open the force fields on the droid planet. (Yes I do have the armband attached to the character). Am I dong something wrong or do I need something else so I can go through all the doors. Because I am going through the droid planet and I can't interact with anything, can't access the panals across the areas, but I can open the storage bins. Am I missing something, because I can't do anything but fight so far.

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That is an epic fish.


Sovereign's reject brother?

In 7th grade, I teach the students how Chuck Norris took down the Roman Empire, so it is good that you are starting early on this curriculum.



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