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Mandalore influence

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I assume you heard of the large amount of Stuff cut from KOTOR2...


Mandalore's relevation being

Canderous Ordo from KOTOR1

and telling about that is one of these things...

As some people found a skin of him without armor which is never used Ingame...

And it is likely there is more dialogue from him "somewhere" which isn't used Ingame (hoping on the CD's for the Modders instead of some LA PC)

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Like how big? 14? 16?


Am I to understand that there isn't any clarification of the issue of Mandalore

being Canderous Ordo

in the actual game? Even though it's blatantly obvious? I mean, in a cutscene conversation with Kreia, he says "the Mandalorians will rise again,

Clan Ordo

will rise again!"


And that's the end of it?

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Mandalore is Canderous. Kreia will tell you at the end after you beat her. As for the Influence. I hope there is a way to actually tell you about his travels with Revan. I never came further than him talking about Mandalores helmet. He then talks about that he travelled with Revan for a time but says it's not the time to talk about that right now.

Master Vandar lives!

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