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Prestige classes

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This has been bothering me for some time: I've been looking for information about this for some time...and asking people I know who have the game--you get your PrC by talking to Kreia after you reach level 16, right?


Every source I say tells me that you get the prestige class after level 16. However, I every time I reach level 16, I talk to Kreia, and tell here I feel an echo or something like that...and she says that I should speak to her later, and my dialog option says that I should talk to her after I've visited all the other planets. I've only done one planet, and am already level 16! I'll have barely any time to get PrC levels if I have to do all the other planets first. I know that last time I didn't get my PrC until level 20, and only got 7 or 8 PrC classes.


Is this a bug (I have the PC version of the game) or is there something else I have to do first? This is really bugging me. How do I get the PrC after 16 levels like I'm supposed to?

Live forever or die trying.



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You need to be level 15 or higher, and strongly aligned. I have read that you have to have Visas, but I can't say anything about that because I always got her on my first landing site after Telos (which is rather odd if you do Dxun first; at least they should wait until the player leaves the area where the Ebon Hawk is before planting Visas in the ship).

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