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Digging for Fun in the dialogue file!

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So I've been reading the dialogue file.....found this:



I am temp man. Blarg.{Steals it}Now that's what I call swoop racing!Sardines!Filthy.Chupa.Bllllllarrrrrgh.Grenn - take me away!Grenn speaks. Good Grenn.Grenn walk.Grenn spawn in.Make thugs appear.Pretend I'm starting the Echani cutscene, because Michael is a moron.Play the Handmaiden's stealing the Ebon Hawk cutscene.Set my 203TEL_DrdInt_1 to 2 so 1 so I can work!I can't believe I have to warp for this. Give me a blaster.Give me credits.Set my BatuRem to 2.Set my ChodoMoza to 13.Set my thang to 23Goodbye.



and later:


Fear me - I am temp man. Blarg.As you command yo' Ferretness...{They walk in.}Done.Yeah, you just spoke with Falt! Go you!No, not really.Really not really.Go.You have them now.It's on!I get by with a little help from my friends.It's too bad you're not as smart as you thought you were in the first place.Batono what you're doing.Chodo sent me to kill Slusk.Open the door! :)Pop in MozaMake Grenn come in.Luxa sent you to kill Slusk.On M3.Turn me into B-4D4.Hey, I've rescued the droid.I've killed Slusk!Set my mission status to 9 for Lorso.Have Falt's info.The attack is on!Add companions.I stole the droid intelligence.Set my Batono.Goodbye.


??? :blink:


Some of Bao Dur's dialogue in the Telos surface base apparently contains the line:


"I don't do anything now, but I'll eventually run around in here with you knocking down shields and crap with my MIGHTY ELECTRO-FIST.FEAR THE FIST!FEEEAAAR IT!!!"


......I don't think so! Such scamps, these developers, leaving this stuff in the files..... :rolleyes:


The really funny thing is, as far as I can tell, they included a dialogue reply for the Exile! -


"OK, OK, I fear it.Wow. I'll be going now." :D


Also found some stuff that seems to indicate there used to be a scene where T3 would play a holovid of Canderous and Revan, their final confrontation, and there is dialogue with T3 about why Revan fought Candy - something about "He/She wasn't trying to kill Canderous, he/she was trying to break him". Interesting - if it's been mentioned in the Cut Scenes topic, I must've missed it, but if so, sorry.


Who else has found anything good? (that's not been talked to death already)



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I've accidentaly found this in test01.dlg:

"What would you like to do?"

and the options are:

-"Atton is Dead."


-"Atton is Alive." heh :) (it's probably there for debugging)


also I found another tree of a dialog starting exactly as the dark side dialog with "Is it as you expected?" on Dantooine at the rebuilt enclave which was a talk with Kreia about that Nihilus must be killed (it wasn't the light nor dark side dialog) - gray-side ending anyone????


and at Malachor the 904Kreia.dlg file has this "Now, you are finally ready for war again. The Unknown Regions call to us, just as they called to Revan. It is time to leave the Republic to die. "Are you ready?" "They have done what was necessary, and they will live their lives better for having known you."

I don't renember this at all either.

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