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  1. Atton's not bad with a lightsaber, and giving him one or two +damage crystals will make up for his shortcomings in the STR department. Still, I prefer to make a blaster jedi of him, letting him take advantage of his sneak attack bonus from a safe distance.
  2. G0-T0's an excellent character. Despite being a droid, he has more emotional depth to him than some of the living characters. If, after going through his backstory, you still don't like him, that's fine, but please don't judge him beforehand. Visas and Disciple would be my picks as the two weakest characters. Neither was really bad per se, but they were definitely a little on the boring side.
  3. Rakata Prime, with Korriban a surprisingly close second. Can't understand why Manaan is as many votes as it is. I found the complete lack of anything but steel and water a little wearing.
  4. Light side. I'm sort of compulsively altruistic anyway, and at least in KotOR I'm guaranteed that helping people won't be ultimately to my own detriment. I should be so lucky in real life.
  5. It's a handy trick, too, because it makes her the only party member who can hit a moving target with a grenade.
  6. This was actually my original thought, but a couple things convinced me the ship needed to reach the surface at least mostly functional. 1) After the Sith start landing, you're not going to have time for the kind of repairs you'd have to do if the ship crashed. 2) Before they start landing, you've got no real reason to repair the ship. I wouldn't be averse to making the player/T3-M4 do a few minor repairs of the ship, just to heighten the tension, but anything more than that would be awkward.
  7. Well, you could argue that in many Star Wars stories that's exactly what the Force is, but that's a discussion for another time. Anyway, I'm more than prepared to admit that I don't "get" the Force in an absolute sense, or that my interpretation might just not fit into the Star Wars universe the way I think it does. I just don't see the problem myself, and will prefer my interpretation until I see a compelling reason it can't work, or until I come across a better version. Again, the last thing I want is for Nihilus to be, as Judge Hades puts it, just "someone you kill." As always, I r
  8. 1) I don't think it's clearly in evidence that Nihilus has a body. Recall in KotOR1, where you could fight and do damage to Ajunta Pall despite his lack of a body. Alternately, it may well be that he has a body that's not his own, as others have suggested, taken from a Jedi who died at Malachor. 2) Unfortunately for me, there won't be any other examples. No Jedi ever made the decision that the Exile made, and it's likely that no Jedi ever will. Events that would force such a decision are already rare (the only one I can think of is Alderaan), and considering the number of Jedi who died or fel
  9. Other. I propose that the story open with the player playing a Jedi student on Dantooine, or if that's not possible for story reasons, some other Outer Rim world. Details are in the K3 ideas thread.
  10. Sikon, thanks for clarifying the first quote, and for bringing up the second, which I had never even seen. It's been awhile since I've actually played through the game. While I agree that your interpretation of the first line is satisfying on its own, in the context of the game I see it as a letdown. Okay, so he's just a man... that's it? No explanation of how the same crucible that left the Exile unable to feel the Force except through others also created Nihilus? If this is the case, he just comes out of nowhere, destroys worlds, gets killed by the Exile, and there's never any reason for
  11. Even though discussion has apparently shifted to whether this game will ever happen, I thought I'd offer my take on how the next installment could start without having to go through the mess of making the Exile or Revan playable again. You play as a Jedi student on Dantooine. The game opens with a "Galactic History" test in which you're asked questions concerning Revan and the Exile. Whatever answers you give are treated as correct, and you pass with flying colors. The action starts when a damaged freighter -- the Ebon Hawk -- makes an emergency landing on your planet. Sent out with your m
  12. I don't believe that Nihilus ever had a physical body in the usual sense, but that doesn't mean that Visas didn't see anything. After all, she doesn't see physical people, she sees them through the Force. For similar reasons, I have to think that Visas knew from the beginning about the connection between her master and the Exile. She'd have recognized him the moment she first saw him. Visas did see something; she implies as much when the Exile asks her what she saw and she replies that Nihilus was "just a man," which would seem to indicate that Nihilus did have a normal physical form.
  13. Well, in the technical sense none of them qualify. I think the thread starter just wanted a snappy title for the thread.
  14. The versions from my personal "canon": Revan Sex: Male Appearance: Asian with the spiked hair Sabre: Two, blue and yellow Class: Scoundrel/Guardian Alignment: LS Romance: Bastila Exile Sex: Male Appearance: Caucasian with crew cut and scar Sabre: Two, both silver Class: Sentinel/Watchman Alignment: LS Romance: Handmaiden My personal take on Revan's fall: Yes, he did legitimately fall to the dark side, but at the same, Kreia's right, it was a sacrifice. Revan made the choice to seek out the Star Forge, knowing it would take him on the path to the Dark Side, because he th
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