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  1. t3 is useful wen ur dealing with computers and spikes and stuff, since he has high computer skills he needs less spikes
  2. i do remember dieing to malak 3 or 4 time b4 i killed him yes his healing using the jedi was constintly anoyying but i healed using them 2 (DS) u just gotta have death field or life drain and use it on the tanks and then u got full hp and force
  3. srry i couldnt reply for a while, i was temporarily grounded for something that wasnt my fault in fact, i think this has turned out into a very interesting and (for me) information thread i especially like the miike jones question
  4. kool so far ive getting this section of the game more if anyone out there has any other additional info i would appreciate it
  5. ok ive played the game 3 times but i still cant figure out wat exactly Nihilus has to do with the storyline or even who he is if someone could give me some info so i could get more understanding of the game thx in advance
  6. kavar was the koolest, not only did he have the 2 lightsabers (same as my exile) but he teaches u that useful form i also thought that Vrook was a total ****, gay prefectionist
  7. in my first run through of the game, even though i was playing on LS, in the final tier battle against the Handmaiden, i did something wrong and somehow ended up killing the Handmaiden. i belive i was weilding two of the gameorean (or something like that) axes, armor and put on a mandalorian melee shield. something in that fight went wrong and, well, i killed her
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