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what you all think of runescape?  

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  1. 1. what you all think of runescape?

    • it sucks bad and needs to be terminated.
    • it could be good but really it sucks.
    • its ok.
    • i play it when i have nothing better to do.
    • its great!
    • i love it!!!!!!!

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Actually I got bored in 2 minutes.


I sugest Runescape to be utterly and completly destroyed  :devil:


I put about ten hours in it. Its probably the best MMORPG because its free, so you can kill time at school if your laptop can't handle better games - unless you are in hte mood for some old games or something indie like Geneforge




the communitys a bit small and it isnt an mmorpg but its close and it pwns runescape :- but it can take years to actually become good at it.

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Looks like some sort of MMPORG. Stuff about it over at gamefaqs (quell suprise).


I'm trying to quell my surprise, but my surprise simply won't be quelled!




You mean quelle surprise?



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