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I have this friend... and a let him have his own file in KOTOR2. Then, when he was

about to save, we saw that MY file was gone!!!


So I look around and all, but I cant find it.


Has anyone ex. this?? In that case, what did you do about it?


And I'm actually sad 'cause I had tranied Atton to be a

dark jedi

, EXACTLY before I saved...


I was planning on having him and Hanharr (love the psycho guy) as my main party-members.

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Go to your save game loading screen and click on "switch character"...


Heh. This caught me the first time as well. I didn't notice the switch characters button on the right. Interesting to note that it seems to sort character by name so if you create a new character with the same name as an older one your saves will be under the same section as the old character.

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