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Best lightsaber?

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Normal lightsaber: Keen & to hit/damage

Short saber: stat improvements/possibly deflection


If you're using Master Speed and/or flurry, almost all of your attacks will be with your main hand, so beef up tohit/damage/crit with that saber.

Don't worry to much about damage with your offhand, cause the normal saber will drop your enemies anyway- concentrate on misc. bonuses to stats.


IMO :)

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For single and double bladed lightsaber:

Expert Fencing Emitter

Personal Crystal

Pontite Lens

Ultimate Diatum Energy Cell

Barab Ore Ingot/Upari


For twin lightsabers:

Expert Fencing Emitter


Expert Deflection Emitter on one saber

Pontite on one, Ossus Lens on the other

Ultimate Diatum for both

Personal Crystal, Quixoni, Upari, Kaiburr

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Why beam gem lenses and an ion cell? Pontite lense is better for additional damage. And Improved Telegorn Jolt cell is better than the Improved Ion cell for extra elemental damage (IIRC)...




use with improved speed and master power attack and shien form...


16-20 roll will give you a critical hit...master power attack multipies the critical hit multiplier, and shien adds one to critical hit multiplier...


x4 base damage per critical hit... :-;):devil:

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