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Our Own Ending!

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Atris and Kreia both got on my nerves. And Kreia alone did a weak end boss.


I've already posted this in some other thread, but i think most of you fantasize about some personal version of Malachor V, especially since this cut material business. Well, i say Bring It On! Let's see what you've got!





Now imagine great hall, full of legions of sith enemies, bowing down to Traya, and at her sign marching to slay you, putting your 700 FP, +5 Force Regeneration, +10 Wisdom to work, FORCE STORMING the tens of bastards as they come screaming, throwing lighting and lasers at you! The tens become hundreds, your force shield is failing, your Power is draining as they cut you, but you bring Horror to them, you Crush the Marauders, you Kill the Sith Lords and their captains. You STORM them by the scores as they throw everything they've got to kneel you, as they break your disciples around you! The Walls of the hall crumble under the energies that you and your enemies unleashed! The dark, poisoned Force leaks the veins of decaying Malachor and makes its way to you, rotting the endless battalions as they fall on you, and find you hurling your last storms behind a ring of butchered corpses, fighting off their commander, Sion... The dark blood of the Force fuels you anew as Sion succumbes to your Crush grip.



The waves have stopped and a last wall of Sith Lords, Assasins and Marauders stand waiting for Traya's sign. They were all Revans' best captains, now Treya's. You step beyond the corroding, fallen legion while black smoke tendrils feeds on its still blood. As the Guard takes breath to march on you, the One Storm you unleash burns their flesh to ashes.



Traya gulps and mumbles as your fingers drains the darkness out of her eyes. You savor the sound of her shattering bones, then let her fall into Malachor's pounding heart.





guess what class i played :)"


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You about to attack Kreia but the moment you pull your lightsaber you forget everything your learned. Your confused your powers fail you. Kreia from changes she becomes revan. See was playing everybody. She walks up to you thanking you for your help. She whisper into your ear that you where the only one that could stop her. She kisses you on the lips you feel a warm. You relieze her lightsaber enter the weak point of your armor. Revan pulls out the lightsaber. your wounded and will die soon. you fall to the ground. Mandalore, HK-47, T-3 and sion appear. Sion lifts you over his head. before your throw into the planet core you Her Revan call Sion Malak. Then your tossed. As you fall you hear just another stupid Jedi.

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I only played Light Side Male, so I wrote for only Light Side Male because that's what I know best. Also, this will take a while to read :(, and forgive any mistakes I made because this is written about three weeks after I finished the game.


After defeating traya---




"You may rest" With that, Traya starts to crumble as if she was made of dust and scatters into the wind. The Exile starts to walk slowly over to the lone door shown in the movie but not explored. There is no visible handle, but the door opens easily, as if it were waiting just for the Exile to walk through it.


Inside is a vast circular room filled with Sith Holocrons, documenting the entire existance. Indeed, this would have been the perfect place for one to learn the ancient and powerful Dark arts of the Sith. But being a true Jedi, you know what you must do. Just as the familiar feeling of Electricity is beginning to tickle the Exile's fingers, the floor starts to shake. A crack starts to widen at the far wall, and the Exile turns to leave. Something catches his eye, and sees a Holocron that seems out of place. He grabs it and returns to the spot, where moments ago Traya had gone. The Ebon Hawk appears from out of the shadows. The exile jumps in, and proceeds to the ****pit.


On the crumbling Malachor V, dust starts to gather into a pile. Gradually, the dust starts to pick up speed and a human form is steadily made. it seems to be Sion, but the skin is smoother, the form is wearing robes, and the breaths are shallow, as if on the brink of death. The voices of Traya and Sion are one, as are their very being. "We will meet again Exile..." The form scatters once more, and Malachor V begins to break up.


The Planet explodes, and asteroids scatter everywhere. However, among the rocks that are the remains of Malachor V, one asteroid is moving in an odd way. As if it were following the Ebon Hawk.


Aboard the Ebon Hawk, the exile walked straight into the main room to see Atton and Visas standing in a stoic stance, not particularly close to each other, but not as if they were at opposite ends of the room.


Among the faces, the Exile notices that more than a couple of faces are un-accounted for. "Where'd the robots go to? And where's Mira and Bao-Dur?" Atton answered. "Mira's in the infirmary. Bao-Dur found her when he realized that remote hadn't activated the Mass Shadow Generator. GO-TO was holding him captive and Bao-Dur had to destroy him, but not before he almost destroyed Remote and HK-47" Bewilderment rushed to the Exile's face. "HK-47?" Atton chuckled. "Yeah, those upgrades you gave him had some effect. He was so sad that Remote and GO-TO were out there alone, he almost cried. If that's possible for Robots. Anyway, GO-TO had Remote captive, and I guess some of HK-47's anger flared up, and he pretty much pummeled him. But the stupid droid shot Remote and almost fried his circuits. Luckily, Bao-Dur protected him from a second shot, but he got knocked out cold. We're lucky HK-47's a robot, because he was able to single-handedly bring back Mira, Bao-Dur, and Remote to the Ship in one piece. Bad news, is that it put a tremendous strain on him, and his power core is pretty much shot. It's replaceable though, so we should be able to fix him up."


Words couldn't express what was running through the Exile's mind, especially the shock of seeing a robot display human-like emotions. He thought carefully, and then spoke. "So where are they now?" It was Visas that responded this time. "The Handmaiden is currently treating Mira for her wounds. She should be alright in a few days time. For the time being, she must rest." Good, the exile thought. The exile turned to Atton once more. "Where is Bao-Dur now? and what about the droids?" Atton paused for a moment. "Well, Bao-Dur is working on Remote right now, and he says that he'll be operational within a few hours. However, Remote isn't making it easy..." "What do you mean he isn't making it easy?" Atton looked off into the distance before answering. "You remember when GO-TO screwed around with the Remote and made it look like he got blown up? Well, he changed is programming, so that when he would activate the programming, Remote would treat everyone as a hostile." The exile was stunned once more. "But Bao-Dur can fix that right?" Atton grinned "Yeah, that'll be easy." The lights flickered on and off in the room several times. "What was that?" said the exile. Once more, Atton answered. "T3 is making repairs to the ship that we sustained on Malachor." The Exile felt at ease finally, knowing that his friends were safe. "I think it's a good idea if we all took some time to rest."


Just as the Exile turned to leave, the Holocron he had taken from the mysterious sith room at Malachor V dropped to the floor, almost as if it had popped out according to it's own will. It started to play, and a worn and weary voice resonated through out the room, however it reflected that of one that was cheerful and energetic, ready to take on the world, but not fool hardy and unwise. Everyone stopped, and stood silent. Visas whispered the very word that everyone in that room was thinking, "Revan." The Exile turned and stood eye to eye with the man that was once his leader, his mentor, and simultaneously, the object of his hate and joy.


"Hello friend, it's been a while. I know that fate and the force haven't treated you as well as you would have liked them to have, but I knew that if there was one person that could find this, it would be you. It's good you found this, because you're the only one that could have. This contraption is activated only by the use of someone as experienced in the force as you. But space is limited on this thing, and this is the third time i've had to record because I have a tendency to ramble. (Revan Chuckles). I want you to know, I made a mistake. No, I'm not talking about the wars....The Nightmares are getting worse, and I want you to give this to someone out there. Bastila and Carth should be in close contact with each other, so give it to them. If you're anything like me, you should have a rag-tag group surrounding you right now. (the exile grins and shakes his head). If that's the case, then just know, that if you come out here, don't do it alone. I might have to come back, and if that's the case, make sure that you're on the way there. I might not be enough to stop them, so I need someone at my side. The coordinates are-" The holocron stops. Atton laughs. "Guess he really did have a tendency to ramble." The exile smiles at atton and looks down at the Holocron.


"We better head back to Onderon," the exile said,"We're gonna need supplies." Atton was confused, "What are you saying?" The exile looked at Atton. "I'm saying where going on one more trip beyond the outer rim." Visas faced the Exile and spoke. "My life for yours master." The exile smiled.


The roof of the Ebon Hawk is displayed, with sparks bursting out every now and then, and T3 making repairs. The view continually zooms out and shows that The Ebon Hawk is heading toward a small planet in the distance assumed to be Onderon. As the Ebon Hawk continues on towards Onderon, a small asteroid enveloped in a small red haze is shown following the Ebon Hawk, just as the Star Wars music is cued and Credits start to roll.

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I'm not a writer, never claimed to be, so I'll just describe the outline here. If anyone feel like expanding it, be my guest. Oh yeah, and ****SPOILERS**** (mild) if you haven't actually seen the real ending yet.


This will be a LS ending, taking place after or perhaps during the fight with Traya in the core. Basically, Traya says you've grown strong, but it's not over yet. You need to become stronger still, strong enough to be able to sever others from the force the way you were severed from it. Many will die, but some will be strong enough to stay alive, and the force will be no more with no connections to any living being. Naturally, the exile, being the hero (s)he is, refuses to help. Traya says something along the lines that it's inevitable and that she will make it so (if the exile wishes to stay alive, Traya can create problems for him/her to solve, thus increasing the exile's power. The game mentions this a few times). The exile says (s)he will not let Traya do it and that she must be stopped. Traya reminds the exile of the bond they share and that if she dies, so will the exile. The exile either says something suitably heroic or nothing at all, and stab Traya with his/her lightsaber (despite the bond). As Traya dies, the exile collapses and dies as well.

Blah blah, the friends find the exile, give a short speech about the adventure etc. Everyone rides into the sunset. The end.


It can also be adapted to a dark side ending, though a bit tougher. Just make the exile refuse to help because (s)he wouldn't want to destroy the force as it's a source of power (a big part of dark side philosophy). Instead of killing Traya, do something to make sure she can't cause any trouble (trap her somewhere). As the exile leaves, Traya commit suicide, thus killing both her and the exile (she threatened that she would do that if the exile didn't show up at Malachor). Friends show up, says something along the lines of "oh well, wouldn't want someone like that run around anyway" (as you're obviously a DS character if you get this ending).


It's not perfect, but I can live with that considering I just made it up in about 5 minutes. But it does take Kreia's goal into account (I never really understood how she hoped to destroy the force by having the exile killing her or Kreia killing him/her), the bond between Kreia and the exile, and does provide some sort of closure. I doubt everyone would like that kind of closure of course, but I'm a sucker for tragedy and bitter-sweet endings.

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This is really long, so be warned.


cewekeds gave me some ideas, so I owe credit to him.


As the walls start to Crumble around Traya Pit, suddenly everything stops.

Then as if being rewinded, all the crumbled pieces are put back together.

The Exile looks down to see that Traya is indeed still dead, but when he looks across the room, he sees a smiling, lovely looking Woman [Who's eyes aren't shown, but can see her mouth, like Visas], holding a bright red lightsaber. The exile smiles and as he's drawing his lightsaber, calmly says, "Hello Revan." The woman grins, then lightning [i mean A LOT of lightning] shoots out of her hands and hits the exile straight in the heart. As his lightsaber falls out of his hands and drops into nothingness, he falls to the ground, teeth clenched, eyes closed.

Revan then walks over and calmly says to him, "Do you know why I love you so much?" The exile grunts and shakes his head. "It's because you are not a Jedi. No matter how much you mask it, you know you are not a Jedi. Do you know what you are?" The exile says nothing[if you wanna get gory, he can spit out some blood or something.]. Revan's smile widens and says, "It's because you ARE the force." The exiles eyes suddenly spring open and his mouth drops.

Revan chuckles and says, "There were four people in this galaxy who knew the truth. Me, Lord Malak, Lord Traya, and-"

"-Master Kavar." The exile interrupts. "Why yes. I'm impressed." boasts Revan.


Suddenly, she force crushes you and you get lifted into the air, gasping for air.

"This offer lasts for one minute." Revan screams. "Join me, in my quest to rid the universe of weakness, only keeping power, and dominance for all. Since you are a human, you know the wonders of greed. Do not fight it! Secede to it!"

[This does not matter what alignment you are]You suddenly start glowing red than blue, than purple than green and then finally gold, when light springs out from you.

Revan is knocked unconsious, and you are freed from her grasp. You pick her up, and whisper into her ear, "You destroyed cities. You destroyed worlds. You destroyed the Jedi. You destroyed the Sith. You destroyed my life, my honor, and shamed me to be an exile...Now, you want to destroy the Force, and me. You are no better than Lord Traya.



You cannot manipulate the Force. It is YOUR lord, Revan." You slowly choke out the final words and you throw Revan into the pit. Suddenly, everything goes dark.



You arrive back in time at the point where malak is recruiting Jedi. As he asks you to join him. You sadly shake your head, and walk out of the room.


Then the music plays and the credits roll.

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Ok, I wrote one after I finished the game, this is what I imagine happened.


I must warn you that is it really soppy, even I can't believe I wrote such mush! Still, it's kinda sweet....


* Starts when you see the end scene *


Leaping onto the roof of the Ebon-Hawk, I clung desperately as it shuddered with the force of the crumbling planet and as it stabilized I dragged myself to the hatch and flung myself into it with no concern about landing on my head, just desperate to get inside. Grabbing onto the runs of the ladder I managed to prevent myself from falling onto the ship floor headfirst, but gave my shoulder a nasty bang from the force of my body hitting the wall. I recovered quickly from the shock and scrambled to close the hatch, then lost my balance as the ship launched forward and was thrown back down the ladder, landing unceremoniously on my backside, adding my tailbone to the list of body parts that hurt. I closed my eyes panting and trying to calm myself. I was alive, I was getting out of there, it was all over.


Mira's voice snapped me out of my relief and a thought entered my head,

'Oh god, Atton!'

I half-crawled half-staggered my way desperately towards the ****pit, Mira gaining on me rapidly and shouting something that I couldn't understand.

'Please let him be alright, please let him be alright.....'

As I passed the Medical Bay Disciple looked at me with shock,

"Melinia, you're injured-" he broke off as a pushed past him to the figure lying on the bed, someone covered with a sheet...

'Please not him, please not him....'

I pulled the top of sheet back from the figure and saw the face of my gentle Zabrak friend, tattooed face in an expression of utter peace that I had never seen on him before. My eyes filled, tears of sadness mingled with tears of relief. I stood up, Mira and Disciple were silent now, both staring at me solemnly. I darted past them, restoring their shouts and almost knocked a somber Visas over as I shoved past her and Mandalore who had been heading in my direction. Stumbling now, my thigh was bleeding, when had that happened? I reached the front of the ship and burst into the ****pit to view a rather injured Atton working the controls furiously trying to get us away from Malacore. Hearing me enter he turned to look at me, and the joy was obvious on his face.

"Lini! Thank-"

His words were cut off as I threw myself onto him, sobbing uncontrollably, but all tears of relief this time. His arms went around me and he stroked my hair soothingly while I cried, then he took my face in his hands and lifted it to his and kissed me gently.

"Shhh. It's all ok now, we're together and everything's going to be ok," he whispered, and as the stars kept whizzing by, I felt like time was standing still. I hope it was.


* I warned you it was soppy! *


EDIT: Haha, the sensored the work ****pit! Damn...

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well on my ending there is the ebon hawk flying through space flying through the nebula at the end and the the cut scene.


"graphicly nice ship of weird design of small fighters flying accross the screen shooting at other ships while big mother ships fighting in the background, over the radio comes revan (depends what sex you picked at begining for the voice) saying "i knew you were come it was destined that we would fight together as either LS (against the sith) or DS (as sith masters to detrroy the cosmos)




what ya thin k of that!!

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