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For all the Carth/Atton lovers out there

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Eji, would you mind me colouring your pic...?  :">



er, well... ^__^;;; please don't take this the wrong way, but I tend to want to handle all of my art myself. I will do the coloring, just not right now. ^__^; Thanks for the offer though!


You know, he/she could just print it off and color it, and you can color hte original the way you want. Then everyone is happy :wub:

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Something seems weird...it seems like they love each other. :)


I prefer to think of it as they are both sitting there looking in my direction waiting for me to join them... :nuke:


Hmmm what a thought... :">


And Eji your work is amazing... graphic's and sound wise.... Im now a dedicated fan.... :wub:

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Carth lovers listen to this just because... its carth and its funny to listen to :D




*Note* This inst my work, I actually am not sure of the original site name because i found the link on the forum


Now if someone could just do one of those with Atton ... hehehe specially with that convo he has with Bao-Dur about if the Exile would be interested in him... hehehe "I'm serious here..."

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Woot, the dream team of Carth & Atton! ;) I'm using that icon way too often <snicker>, but thanks! :blink: Now I have something pleasant to stare at while I download the first part of a gigantic beta patch (hehe, 49.2k connection <sigh>)! ;)

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