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  1. your works great! I love the way you draw, has a good feel to it... and the comic's are funny and well peiced together... Keep up the good work, and cant wait to see what else you show us...
  2. Aimo, I just wanted to say thanks for all the drawings that you have done and posted... I just love them.. I think that Ive become addicted to waiting for you to post them :"> They always tell such a deep story and are so beautifully drawn... Oh and thanks so much for making a viewable version of Disciple in your drawings... I have to say that I quite like your disciple and fine the way you draw him to be quite dreamy :"> How ever he is no Carth I so wanted to see Carth and my Female Revan kiss with a happy ending in the first game but not to be... so thanks f
  3. I prefer to think of it as they are both sitting there looking in my direction waiting for me to join them... Hmmm what a thought... :"> And Eji your work is amazing... graphic's and sound wise.... Im now a dedicated fan....
  4. well theres absolutely nothing wrong with Disciple... As long as he looks like he does in Aimo's sketches.... grrrowlll Now if you could only remove the anoying whiney part and replace it with an Atton, Carth mix with a splash of Candy and Bao thrown in for good measure we're set!
  5. Had to vote for Carth though Atton is great too.... But Carth is well just Carth I mean... OK well theres really nothing that I can list that hasnt already been said as to why Carth is so great.... Ill just say that I wish a guy in real life could actually show that dedication to love....
  6. Mass withdrawal syndrom... followed by the birth of a new self help group... FUA or force users anonymous... Then i can only assume a large black market operation that thrives in the illegal distribution of kotor.... Then there would be a anti kotor sqwad formed to seek out the black market rings... they would spend thousands of dollars training people to infultrate the groups, but lose millions in the rehabilitation program that will have to be set up as more and more undercover officers lose grip on reality and fall into the kotor world.... Of course i may have just over tho
  7. well It works for me... I assumed myself that it was for the blaster reg.... As for your first comment rose re Atton lock up... Can I be one of those ladies After all my exile isnt F Revan... there for I wouldnt be cheating on Carth... I could never do that Carth is the one and only!!! hmmm Carth....
  8. Eji... Have I told you again recently how much I love your work... Please never stop.... Infact please oh please keep them coming...
  9. I know Im just new here but, If the end was with Atton as a force ghost its doubtful that he would still remain all sad and all down trodden about his death... He would most likely return to being his old self... much with the jokes and light banter... which makes the impact on the sceen more I feel... Then again to each there own so it really comes down to how you yourself see it as its not in the game... Also I agree though that there is prob much more to unlock that we havent found yet....
  10. Well Im new to the forums here, :"> After I finished the game although I loved it I was left with many questions.... So I came to the web to look for some answers in the storyline... I wondered had I missed something.... perhaps I had taken a wrong turn somewhere and not gotten the full picture in regards to a proper ending... But with luck *which I will for ever be thankful* I stumbled here and found this thread.... And after reading it all I feel that I have most of my questions as to what happened answered in sorts.... I was a big fan of the first game.... Play
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