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Holding back levels for NPC's


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Now that I finished my second playthrough I am starting to think about holding back levels for my NPC's to let them become Jedi at level ??

Off course, some of you must have thought about this idea too, or maybe done that. Any recommendations?


Level 9?

Level 12?


Or maybe even less!


But I think it is hard work for NPC's when they have to do something on their own at low level in the Nar Shaddaa sequences.

Master Vandar lives!

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I did that, but only when I was pretty certain I was going to be able to Jedi-ize them, which since it was my first time through was pretty late.


So I got Handmaiden & Bao-dur a couple extra levels each as Jedi.


Of course, since you can insta-level up them, you can keep them at a low level then up them a few levels instantly (also healing them) as needed.

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Why can't they? They have the same bab, good defense, and same fist power (minus aa few strength points) to dela with her. My Sentinel had a strength of 10 and outside of the last fight she was relatively easy.


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