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Your opinion on KOTOR2 storyline

Did it keep you in suspense and leaving you begging for more?  

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  1. 1. Did it keep you in suspense and leaving you begging for more?

    • The storyline was engrossing and I never ever lost track of it
    • The storyline is ok, but suffers from removed quests/subplots
    • The storyline is worthless, I had no idea what I'm doing or why

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Alright, ladies and genlemen, although I haven't finished the game yet, I'm beginning to have this nasty suspicion about the storyline. Consider the following facts:


Kreia told me about her past with Darth Sion and Darth Nihilus in that movie shortly after landing on Dantoonie, thus completely ruining the the whole idea of suspence about her past.


Plot-advancing events and dialogues seem to appear completely out of nowhere - e.g., all of a sudden, I'm confronted with the fact that I must've felt Nihilus' "disturbance in the force" (which I actually didn't!) and, when fighting the Jedi Master on Nar Shaddaa, I'm suddenly told about the grave threat that Darth Nihilus supposedly poses. Although, logically, I should be able to enlighted the Jedi Master in question about the nature of the threat (since Kreia has explained to be about how he feeds off the Force), I'm unable to do so. Furthermroe, Kreia tells me that Visas' homeworld was destroyed because it was full of Force-sensitive beings (The Maralukes) that Nihilus wanted to feed off, while the Jedi Master tells me that it was destroyed because there was a gathering of Jedi there. What on earth is going on?


These factors, as well as countless other things, made me completely lose the direction of the storyline. Unlike KOTOR1, I no longer spend time trying to figure out where all of this is going - rather, the plot clues seem to be all over the place, and often point in completely opposite directions. Currently, I'm a passive, as opposed to active, player - I'm playing the game, I'm acting on the information that the game provides me, but I'm expecting the story to somehow unfold itself, as opposed to trying to figure out the greater conspiracy behind the current events.


My question is, have any of you had similar problems with the game? Feel free to vote and leave your feedback.



Lord Soviet

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Engrossing upto Dantooine then almost non existent.


What you have to remember is that the characters will only know things from their own perspective. And you only get the whole story by piecing all the different perspectives together.


As for why you cant go into detail about the Sith lords. Well personally I think it's because Kreia wont let you. Even though she is adamant she wouldnt manipulate your mind in that way, she has been from the begining..

I have to agree with Volourn.  Bioware is pretty much dead now.  Deals like this kills development studios.


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I think it started out well enough, then all the subquests that were removed & lost content made the game feel disjointed and incomplete for the most part. Some of the things that really ticked me off (aside from that hideously lame ending) were the missing HK factory & the complete lack of any decent exposition during the latter stages of the game. The player shouldn't be forced into filling all the blanks themselves due to failings on the developer's part. I'm all for using your imagination to color in details for yourself, but not to fill giant, gaping (and occasionally confusing) holes where it's clear that important content was excised.

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It was very nice, until I saw the ending... When something seems strange and you are building up for the story climax, you expect some major stuff to happen before the end that will fill all holes and make your jaw drop and all the similar stuff. And true, it did keep me wanting to move further and see the story and how it will bring me to the final confrontation and such. But the ending just ruined it all... I really thought the story was better than K1 (before I saw the ending), because the game left many holes, and left you wondering what is going on, what will happen next. After you board the Star forge in K1, you know pretty much what you're doing, only thing that kept me going there was Bastila's character. But here, I made my way towards the end, wanting answers about the Sith lords, the main objective, my NPCs, the romance plots, etc etc. And instead, I get "THE ENDING".... Just horrible...

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