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How do you get "force crush" ?

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I mean the real force crush power, not this lame "crush opposition" thing  <_<


I wanna see bodies turned inside out!!!! :'(



Once you've finished off all the Jedi. Kreia will start to say something about needing to go to dantooine or whatever, and this is where you go to finish off any jedi that you may have missed. Once they're taken out, you get force crush. At least this is how it worked for me.


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ASSUMING I kill all Jedis...who will be in Dantooine Council to judge me?

So far as DS-er I killed teh NAr-Shadaa master and will kill the rest

So...who will judge me on Dantooine? The Statue?


I was wondering that myself. My DS character was the first time through so I didn't know that you could side with Vaklu on Onderon and therefore didn't kill Kavar. Later I go to Dantooine and finish off the weakling there (Though I must admit he puts up a better fight than the other two). I was wondering what would have happened if I nabbed Kavar as well. My guess is Kreia orders you to Dantooine and you talk to her there.

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