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What's the most damage you've done?

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The most damage I've done was with my guardian/jedi master, with the force enlightment boost. I killed a sith lord in the academy using my master power attack, which is far better than flurry and critical strike in my opinion.







Did anyone top 200 or maybe even go near 250 damage?


On the other hand my consular/sith lord did 109 damage with force storm, that was pretty good too.


Your experiences please!

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Yeah, Force Crush does some pretty obscene amount of damage. Let's do some calculations, shall we?


My Consular/Sith Lord beat the game at level 26, a relatively low level, we'll go from there. I didn't powergame him as well as I could, so I think this will serve as a good example of an average character.


My Relevant Stats (As best as I can remember, they probably are higher) and yes, I am well aware that these are pretty weak for a consular, he isn't optimized at all.


Wisdom 18 + 4 Force Focus Visor + 1 Jal Shey Advisor Armor + 2 Insight Implant

Total Wisdom: 25 (+7)

Charisma 16 + 3 DS Mastery +1 Force Focus Visor + 2 Jal Shey Advisor Armor

Total Charisma: 22 (+6)

Force Power DC: 5 + 7 (Wis) +6 (Cha) + 4 (Master Force Focus) + 26 (Level)

Total DC 48


First off, force crush does 1-10 damage per character level, with a fort save for half.


So right there we have 26d10 (26-260) damage with for an average of 143 damage. Personally, I know I've done about 240 damage with this power before.


If they made their DC 48 fortitude save, they take half that much damage, or about 71 damage.


Now then, let's toss in force potency, to boost the damage by 30%. Now we're doing an average of 186 damage per force crush with a max of 338 damage.


That's for level 26. I've gone ahead and calculated the damage range for force crush while using force potency at some of the higher levels.


Level 30: 39-390 (Avg 195)

Level 40: 52-520 (Avg 260)

Level 50: 65-650 (Avg 325)


Anyway. But yeah. My personal record is 240, but I know that there are a lot of twinks out there who have exploited loopholes in the xbox version to get to the upper levels, thought I'd just show you what some of them probably have.


Though to be fair, force crush takes a round to do, and in a round, you can get off a lot of lightsaber hits. In terms of the most damage per single attack, the winner will most often be a force power, in terms of the most damage per round, the lightsabers will reign supreme.

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From all I know, Force Storm and Force Death Field are far more powerfull than crush (in group)


I've got lots of events with many enemy's and 1 use of Force Storm causes (in 1 round) about 80 damage to every enemy (12 enemy's x 80 = LOT)

(Example: Onderon, group of 15 attack me, 1 storm, all dead except 2 (with 12 VP or less :ermm:)


Also got many events with many enemy's where death field got me from 28 to 280 in 1 attack (lots of damage too)

If you keep casting Force Death Field in a large group you just can't die (even if they damage you 200 per round)


The nice thing of crush is is does a lot of damage even if you don't have the full damage. I've beated many Dark Sith Lords (Sion) by just using Crush (saves) till death, as they are lifted in the air they can't attack and if they land they get a new dose of Crush (defeated Sion by taking less than 100 damage :(, even a Sith Marauder was harder (escepicially if there were 2, yikes)

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Hmm where do you get the force potency power I missed that with my consular! Who teaches you that. I didn't see it in my force power and features list. I only got the Force Focus fighting style.


I'm trying to remember. It was the second of the force forms I got after force channel or whatever it is that increases non-combat regen... It must have been Kavar, then, because I went to Onderon/Dxun after Nar Shadaa.

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btw death field sux...it does 30ish damage or less to everything even with a failed save.  If u want health back use master heal or a medpack...if u want damage force storm!  For those two powers i would rather have gotten force armor or valor upgrades.


Well sure if you use it on ONE enemy. It's called Death "Field" because it's meant for use in a "field" of enemies. Suppose you're surrounded by 5 enemies and you get 30 hp from each, that's better than your silly "master heal" ;) And there are times when there are quite a few more than five....

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