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Getting a lightsaber

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Bao Dur is supposed to make my lightsaber for me, right? (which is weird anyways, as Star Wars cannon is very adamant about how important it is for a Jedi to make his lightsaber himself, but anyways).


He keeps telling me I still need a lens. When I look in my inventory, the lens is RIGHT THERE. I have all three items. Yet he won't make me a lightsaber.


Is there any particular lens you need before he makes your saber? I've been to Telos and am now doing Nar Shaddaa, it's the only planet I've visited so far.


Any help greatly appreciated!



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You need a base lens, of the sort you can only get by progressing through the story. You cannot use one you have bought. In fact, I'm pretty sure the descriptions of lenses that you buy or make say that they cannot be used to create lightsabers, just upgrade them.


Also, Bao Dur doesn't actually build your lightsaber, he just tells you you have the parts, then tells you to spend some time with a work bench.

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