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Who do think trains to become the best Jedi?

Who that you can train makes the best Jedi?  

42 members have voted

  1. 1. Who that you can train makes the best Jedi?

    • Bao-Dur
    • Mira
    • Handmaiden
    • Atton
    • The Disciple

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Since you went with Mira I voted Atton, but I think they're pretty close.


Atton's been the first one I can turn Jedi, so he generally ends up with more Jedi levels than the others. I imagine you could make any of them the best depending on how you play. Handmaiden is another candidate cuz of all her combat prowess, but I tend to prefer playing more skill-based characters.

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The handmaiden, I just quit leveling her up until she got enough influence to make her a jedi

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I'll go with the Handmaiden as well. All I gave her was the close combat thing and let her bitchslap everyone. Atton was pretty much useless for me but thats because I unwisely gave him a whole bunch of ranged benefits at the beginning of the game.


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I said Mira.


Its strange to because I used Handmaiden a ton in my games and Mira definately has a Wis issue.


But that dex made her kick ass for hand to hand (I actually never used her as range after she switchs to jedi).


She just rarely got actually hit.


Guess its really comes down to what you like, Mira was great along with Visas or Handmaiden for my groups. Some times Id use Mandalore (set on ranged) as well.

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I'd have to say Handmaiden. I usually leave her on the ship til I'm level 17 and can duel her the third time (which will allow you to make her a Jedi Guardian). This makes her a Soldier 6/Jedi Guardian X. Unlike most of the other characters she loses nothing by not levelling up in her original class and she is a complete power house as a Jedi.


For second place I'd say Bao-Dur. He's a killer fighter as a Jedi Guardian and still has a ton of skills as well as the shield breaker ability. I'll usually stop levelling him up around 9-10 until I can make him a Jedi. I also put a couple of points into Int so he doesn't lose too much in the way of skill points when he becomes a Jedi.

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I said Bao Dur  :)  ... now raise your hand if you are surprised?  :)


Actually, if he had been able to wear the cool robes, he truly would've been.  ;)




Actually I think you answer everything about character wise by speaking up for Bao-Dur. So I am not suprised. But he is my second choice. :D


Every time I played and got everyone turned to jedi I would usually use Mira and Bao-Dur with my character. And sometimes I would us Bao-Durr and Mira. I almost never used Kreia, Atton, Disciple, Hanharr, GO-TO, T3-M4, Handmaiden.

I did also use HK-47 each time before I get all my party members to be Jedi. :cool:

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