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who to take?

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Each combat situation is different. Every character has his or her strengths and weaknesses that's unique to them, so it's kinda problematic to just say, "These are the two companions you should always have with you."


However, if you just want to steamroll through every living thing that crosses your path, Visas and Kreia are pretty good to have in your party by the time you return to Onderon to either help the Queen or to overthrow her. Together, the level of carnage you can dispense upon all of your enemies is downright sadistic.


In terms of which combos will give you the best interaction and background stories, I've always found that having two morally opposite characters seems to work best. For example, have Handmaiden and Visas, or Kreia and Atton in your party. Much like in the first game, they'll have their own conversations about certain things, and sometimes you can decide which side you agree with or not.


This will help you gain or lose influence with a character and will make it easier (or more difficult) to get them to open up about their past.

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Has anyone found the best 2 characters to take with you on each planet to get the best back story/infu.  Which combos work best for fighting also.


The only real advice I can give you is dont take Mira on Nar Shadaar (heheh, I figured out a way to get Mira before even touching the Refugee section once, but sadly there was no influence to be gained with her there so was a waste of time).


Every character is good in specific situations, so you need to switch up whose in party alot to gain the influence you need for each one.


Its really challenging to try and figure out who is best in what situation. That alone kept me interested my 8th time through game! I wanted to have ONE game where EVERYONE was jedi and EVERY conversation string had been opened! Almost succeeded but hated GoTo so much I just couldnt be bothered to raise his influence after first couple gains. Got all my goals done for other characters tho :rolleyes:

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