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Choice of 2 Systems


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I would go for the first one, because you have a faster processor an graphics card. for the difference between the first one without and the second one with fast 3D card you could buy 512 Mb extra RAM, so you're better off


Btw, a lot of ppl online here for a christmas eve :shifty: (Internet Junks!!!)

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They are both very good computers. Not much of a difference between the two systems, although the first one will be better for games, while the other one will have a much longer battery life.


I'd still go for the first one. Those extra 25 pounds are well worth it.

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I'd definately go for the first system.


The FSB is better.

You have more processing power.

The memory speed is faster.

It has a better GPU, and more video memory.


You can always upgrade memory later, but you can't upgrade the proc or GPU on a notebook (98% of the time).

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OK then, Ill go for the first. There are a few miscellaneous factors that make the first a better choice though, because it has an infrared port and that small circle in the middle of the keyboard that moves the mouse in addition to the trackpad, which are features that the second one doesnt have.

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