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Onderon problems

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Hey, I've just learned that I need the serving droid's head to retrive its memory to free the doctor.


However, I have NO IDEA how to get it, and I've tried EVERYTHING. I've talked to EVERY person I can on the planet it seems and no one says anything helpful. Everyone in the bar is in the same conversation loops "Bring me the droid head and I'll fix it." I DONT have the head, and my journal says "Maybe someone in the bar will know something more" but I've talked to EVERYONE in the bar and thats all I get.


Am I missing something? Possible game glitch?

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Spoiler info:


You need to first, check the debris pile which will reveal that the droid has no head. Then go back and talk to the person who told you about the droid, who then tells you that there is a droid merchant in the western distrcit who buys droid parts. He will have the dialog options and sell you the droid's memory core. Then you must go to the twi'lek in the cantina. He will reveal the video, and you must then run off to the good Dr. Ghent's friend.



Hopefully that helps.

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I seem to have found a game glitch. I did search the pile, which is how I knew I needed the droids head in the first place. Nikko, the helpful guy in the bar and the doctors friend did say that the droid got scavenged. But no one mentioned someone who might sell the droid parts.


I went to talk to the droid outside before I posted on this board the first time, and he didnt have the head or the memory core. After checking again...still no memory core.

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