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Serious bugs.

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I have experiended a few bugs that I cannot seem to remedy. The first bug has spoken dialogue and text dialogue skipped extremely fast. Rarely, is NPC dialogue actually spoken and the screens skip so fast I have no idea what is being said. The second bug is a little simpler. This bug basically doesn't allow the FMV's to play. They are either skipped before starting, or there is a blurry green line in place of where the video would typically play. My hope is the problems can be remedied, or it may just be a problem with the disk. Any aadvice would be greatly appreciated.

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I did some searching and some fiddling and decided the problem isn't the disk, but the drive on my XBOX. I took it back to the store and had them try the game on their system (Samsung drive), and the game started and worked without problem. That convinced me it wasn't the disk, but rather my problematic Thomson drive.

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