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I am on Peragus, and am trying to open the airlock so that I can spacewalk across to the dormitory. Problem is you need THREE voice fragments from the dead maintenance guy recorded on your sonic recorder to access the door. I can only find TWO!! I have been running around looking for 2 hours..


Can someone please tell me where I can find all three of them?


Thanks in advance.

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Thanks Avatar, but I just figured it out anyway. For those who havent started playing the game, remember, ask your HK-50 droid to record his voice onto the sonic recorder. he can mimic the maintanence guy's voice. He will explain how the maintainance guy died, then you will have an option to say "Screams?" After you ask him to repeat his screams, you can then ask him to record the acess code to the recorder. That's the easiest way. Sorry for the typos, in a hurry.


All of that running around for nothing. The whole time the droid had the answer,

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