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Should There Be New Wallpapers At Offical Site?

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Lucasarts never bothers to up date their media section for KOTOR 2 wallpapers or screen savers...there are always the same old wallpapers since the site launched...its about time they start to up date the media section for us fans so we can have new interesting wallpapers! does anyone agree with this or against it?




(Lucasarts! get of you bums and up date your media section for wallpapers please!)

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I agree with you, they could make some new ones, i mean it doesn't take a genious to do them. A fan could actually do some wallpapers... hmm, should i? naaaww... too much work :D

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New ones would always be welcomed plus trailers as well.

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the old wallpapers get boring after a while...same old pictures since the site launched months ago...is Lucasarts taking coffee breaks every half hour or smokin **** or somthing?



For 'coffee' substitute 'beer'.

For 'half hour' substitute 'ten minutes'

For '****' substitute 'weed'


There, that's more accurate. :(

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