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Anybody know all the Colors ?

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there are a lot more possible saber combinations in kotor ii. not only do you get to choose the colour (its known i know but...) you get to change things like the lens and the power core and whatnot. you can probably change the thickness of the blade.


also, there are some crystals that change colour depending on the affiliation of the wielder. pretty damn cool. there is something like 10 million combos just so you know and you can have many, many colours.

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The Australian Xbox Magazine said the


Saber colors are









Purple (only available to pulp fiction stars)

There may be more


qoute taken from my brought Offical Australian Xbox Magazine (December Issue)


"Red Is bad,blue and green are good,purple is badass and only available to pulp fiction stars.But silver we like. we also like the new blazing white saber with a pale blue aura,as well as a saber so dark green in color its almost black" -Mike Gallo

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