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Male Character NPC looks

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I was browsing through the new KOTOR 2 site today and downloaded some wallpapers.


Is it just me or do the two guys in the wallpaper, the blonde guy and Atton Rand,....look extremely gay?


They look like pretty boys not like hardened space adventurers out to save or conquer the galaxy.


Geez, they look like they'd rather be smoothing their hair then firing a blaster. The female NPCs look more menacing.


I have no complaints about Bao Dur or Madalore, they'll most likely be totally badass. But come on....give Atton a scruffy beard and hardened glinting eyes. The kind of eyes that are always on the lookout for threats and danger. Lose the perfectly combed blonde hair for the other guy. Make it rough and scraggily, like he has more important things to think about than making his hair look good.


And give them some more weight! They look emaciated and weak.

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No, it will not stop me from buying the game and most likely throughly enjoying it multiple times....that sounds unintentionally sexual.


However, I would like the male NPCs to be more masculine.


Hey if Nur Ab can gripe about Revan being a wuss, I can gripe about this! :blink: :D

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