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Will All NPC's Level Up At The Same Time?

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Hi There,



I was just wondering will all your new NPC's in your party level up at the same time even if your don't use them? say you don't use Atton for a while and he stays on the ebon hawk for a quite a while will he level up at the same time as the other party members like it happened in the Original KOTOR??? when all the Original NPC's leveled up together?


I was just wondering

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It would be terrible if characters didn't lvl up at the same time. It would turn into Pokemon.


It would also make characters that you haven't used for a long time pretty much obsolete, since they'd be so much lower in level and effectiveness than your PC and the current enemies.

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I hope it would be as in Kotor, it would destroy many of the character story if you cant use them without having to sacrifice xp on the ones you use most, i know if it would prove to give penalties if you dident bring same group all the time, id probaly only use those and story on the others would be completely lost.

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