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Which Weapon You Will Use?

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I wonder why the Kyber darts do? by that I mean how does the person react when hit with one of these dart? because if the animations are cool then I think I might equip atleast one person with them (saying more than just one can use them).

"The only difference between genius and stupidity is genius has its limits!" - Albert Einstein.


"It's better to be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt!"


"You can try to kill me, you'd fail!, but you can try!" - Revan.


"When you have exhausted all other possibilities whatever remains, however improbable must be the truth." - Sherlock Holmes (a.k.a. Sir Arthur Conan Dole)


"A lack of planning on your part, does not constitute an emergency on my part"



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I'll use a trusty old .45 calibur rifle of some kind.  Lets face it, bullets fly faster than laser bolts, and they can't be sent back at you, its the ideal jedi killing weapon!


3 words:


Tusken-Raider Rifle


1 word:


"Gepard", cal. 14 mm., armour piercing 40mm at a range of 1500 mts. :cool:


You can imagine what can it does at less range and a jedi not an armoured target ;)"


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When I decided to start off K1 I went with green double bladed saber but there is something so elegant about the the single blade. I will use the green single saber my first time.


i agree with you 99.9% especially about how green sabers rule all and how the single saber is elegant =D


I can at least shoot their eyes out.  That is enough for me! (w00t)


then they just ''use the force'' =D


Single 1st... staff in l8r playthroughs


lol thats the total opposite of what i will do =D

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In KotOR I always used dual sabers, either blue or purple. The different saber techniques for TSL will probably convince me to go back to classic single saber though, especially if I can have Revan's Uber Scorpian Style...


Which Saber Comabt Form is that btw? I know Mace Windu's is Form VII (the most aggressive), and that Obi-Wan uses Form IV (the most classical - primarily defensive but also badass in attack).

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Nah, Obiwan uses defensive....form 3...that's why he never gets hit by blasters but he never deflects back at the enemy, hes decent in dueling but not very good...he can just control his emotions, thats how he beats anakin....


.....form 4 was used by Yoda, the acrobatic form, supposedly qui gon used that too but it didnt really look like it lol...qui gon seemed more like form 5 to me, the one anakin and luke use...

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