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Just wondering guys. I haven't played too many RPG's on the Computer. So I don't know classes very. But I always thought the Clerics, or classes that have a lot of mana, spell or force points were very weak when it came to taking damage. They would be really valuable but you would have to protect them a lot. Is this the case in KOTOR? Does the Consular class represent the Cleric class well?

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clerics can be powerfull melee characters too! if you give them the right stats and defensive spells etc.. Jedis are like a very powerfull mage/fighter I always thought .. So consulars are still strong but not as much as a guardian of course! but you can still kick everybodys ass as a consular! >_<

the main difference is the hitpoints, you can't take as much damage .. but have to protect yourself with the force, diplomacy and cunning rather than your lightsaber..

Fortune favors the bald.

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if you are a scoundrel/consular u use your force powers to do force whirlwind, or some other power that kncks them out, them attack and since you have the scoundrels attack thing where it gives u 60-36 dmg to an opponent who cant fight back, you kill them easily

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KotorFreak summed up a good tactic pretty good. Tho when I play my Consular, I dont use my lightsaber much except for blocking blaster fire. If your darkside that is. I dont know much about lightside Consulars, but darkside I had alot of fun with.


Force whirlwind, insanity, lightning for AE attacks. If it was 1 on 1, I would go all out w/ whirlwind, insanity, plague, choke and lightning, letting my victim know the full power of the darkside and its agonizing pain. lol


Thats my strategy anyways. Consular is my favorite of the Jedi class, Darkside mainly. If i'm lightside, Scout/Sentinel.


Stay Cool,


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It all depends on how you set up your Consular or mage or spell caster. My consular are powerful with their force power but are also skilled fighters with their saber.

Any tips?


I don't know if anyone will agree with this but this is how I had my Scout/Consular set up.


First the lvl has to be 3/17


Strength 14

Dexterity 12

Constitution 10

Intelligence 12

Wisdom 15

Charisma 14


Then as you lvl up you add more points to your Wisdom which will go up to 20. The items you get will help add to the Con and Dex and Str.


That's my setup and I LOVE IT :huh:

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