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Ship continuity

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The main thing I had always wondered about is why the capital ships seemed so small, I mean I wasn't hoping that they'd be Executer big or anything just Star Destroyer big

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i always wondered why u needed a suit to go into outer space if the docking ports on the ships always show outerspace no doors or anything is there just an air converter in the port or something im not full up on the technology?

I would imagine it would be something like a exstension of the sheilds that will allows larger matter in and out but not something as small as air molocules(sp?). As to the size of the ships, I would think that they have been fixed because it was kinda odd that the PC was fairly large (too larger to fit inside) by compairison to the outer hull of the Ebon Hawk.

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In k1 it seemed like the inside of all the ships was bigger than the outside. Do you think they fixed this for k2?


This seems to be a problem in a lot of games where "outside" of something (house, ship, etc.) seems smaller than the "inside". I guess it might be a space issue or something.

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I never even noticed this issue when playing KotOR.

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