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The ability to name lightsabers

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How bout this, we can anem our lightsaber, but only using the letters usign teh crystals it contains (i.E. if it had only a Bondar crystal you had to name it soemthign like Dronab... .. ehh on second thought.. this idea sucks... I like Guybrush's first idea casue it incorporates MY idea aobut choosing the Handle :D... But i also think you shoudl be able to choose the length and thickness of the beam, WITHIN REASOn, so your not out ther swingn a 15 foot saber that3 feet thick which you would officially name "The Paddle". :(

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I think the idea of naming "your" lightsaber is a good one. However, the other lightsabers you aquire through-out the game should be pre-named. The first game had a random name generator, so I dont see any reason this is not possible. Now, as far as different types of sabers i.e. double bladed, and shorts, you could aquire a special name-able version of each.


just a random thought..... :)

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I would like the NPC's lightsaber (that I believe you can collect in the game) will have some extra features and maybe a name along.


(maybe even a death toll counter :) )

And by the light of the moon

He prays for their beauty not doom

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