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KotOR 2 in general


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So why jedi council said that thing about jedi master's presence? That he will only attract attention? It was supposed to be a covert mission...add to this info about ebon hawk as a ship that was very fast and hard to track - and leviathan shouldn't happen or be optional.



Um...Carth mentions that they were waiting in the hyperspace route. If the Ebon Hawk comes out of hyperspace and finds the Leviathan just sitting there there is absolutely no way they're getting away. As for tracking it, You've been seen on 3 of the planets where the Star Maps are and Taris. It's pretty obvious where to look for the Hawk


And as for not sending a master.... I think Malak's attention was attracted very easily when 1) he knew Bastila was on the Ebon Hawk, and 2) Calo Nord told him who (Revan) rescued her on Taris. I don't think the Jedi Council bargained on Malak finding out who you were so quickly.


EDIT: Spelling and a minor point about the Leviathan

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I see clear laziness of the devs who could really add one or two alternatives to the leviathan. I don't like situation when everything is programmed to work only one way and game over. And since computer RPGs originated from pen&paper they should be as similar as possible to pnp. Clear?



I think what you fail to see (when you claim to see laziness) is the limitations that go into developing a computer game. Every alternative situation exponentially increases development time.

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I have high hopes for that game!


Considering what we've seen so far most ascpects of it seem ok. Provided they don't screw it up in the last minute then it should be alright!

And by the light of the moon

He prays for their beauty not doom

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