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Darth Scion info on site

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Gotta agree that Sion looks pretty much zombie-ish. Not hard to imagine that he'd be in constant pain with that kind of look, through :(

Despite the fact that many people who've played KOTOR has a negative view on it, I'm still very optimistic about the Februari release and can't wait to get my paws on the game :D

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And another sonic looking wave...


Maybe Force Scream?


Is it me, is it my comp, or does that guy look weird? ;)


He reminds me of Luke in a slightly deformed way. :huh:

I thought that force scream would have more of a red tint to it...maybe it's the more advanced version of either force confusion or mind trick...that looks like Telos to me... :lol:

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Looks an awful lot like Tatooine to me but MCA said that it wasn't going to be in KotOR 2.

Dantooine or Telos? Not exactly sure, eventhough there's been a build-up after Malak. I bet it's one of the unannounced planets.

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I particularly like #8. I cant seem to insert it however.

Totally missed that, my bad... :lol:

Wow. #5 is awsome!

Yes but what do you think it is? I remember the Devs mentioning force rage, but they also mentioned another DS power that was like it...


Could that sonic thing also be a visual to battle meditation or no?

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