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KOTOR II Collector's Edition?

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Is one going to be released simultaneously with the actual release? Or maybe a cool preorder edition? You could include like... trading cards of the characters. Or plastic lightsabers that make the WSSSSH noise when you swing it. Or tin foiled hats.





OH! MAYBE you could have a bonus CD with a special shop on Telos or something that sells KOTOR I ITEMS!!!!



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Too nerdy

I guess so.


I didn't think about size too. Gamers come in all kinds of sized and if they stocked the box full of larges or mediums some people would have huge shirts and some people would have really really small shirts.

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The PC collector's edition should include the extra material that will be available at launch on XBox Live for XBox owners. Only makes sense to me that the collector's edition on the PC should include that.

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Doubt there will be a collectors edition. You'll probably just get another lightsaber keychain with a pre-order.


If there was a collector's edition, I'd like to see a book of the game's art (mostly concept stuff) as well as the game's soundtrack on cd and maybe a 4x6 autographed picture of Atton Rand. Well, maybe not the last one.

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