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Best Tom Clancy thrillers made into films?


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I dug Sum of All Fears. I was wary of Ben Affleck, but I think he provided that everyman feel that Ryan is supposed to have. He's not this great action star despite having a Marine record. He is a man who makes important and decisive decisions. He persues the truth. I think Affleck captured that well, and he had a great chemistry with Freeman.

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The early Jack Ryan novel adaptations should be set in the Cold War setting as when they were originally written.


Same goes for the Bourne Identity.

"Things are funny...are comedic, because they mix the real with the absurd." - Buzz Aldrin.

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Clear and Present Danger followed by Hunt for Red October.


Patriot Games was the worst. Sum of All Fears was okay. But I'd rather see Harrison Ford still in these movies. I can see a Debt of Honor movie with Harrison Ford becoming President at the end (thus leading into Executive Orders). Debt of Honor may not work the same way as originally done today though.

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For me, it's Patriot Games. I have enjoyed that movie many times. Though there are divergences from the novel (I think that they should have stuck with the book's ending, as it was perfect), it's pretty darn faithful to the source material (if one ignores how the ending is played out).


I'm waiting for Without Remorse to be made into a movie. Best Clancy novel IMO.

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