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More custom character options

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I am maniac in character customization... please give me that chance/ Thanx/ And sorry for my English:)

So am I. I can't get enough. I'll sit on KotOR1 and just make characters all day for the hell of it and plan out their futures, like jedi classes, forms of combat etc.

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ya it is annoying to not be able to fully custimise your charter but i think they already said they were only go to let you pick your head :p .

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I believe part of the reason you don't have as much freedom in choosing your head is b/c as you become more dark or more light... your character's face changes to reflect that (like in KOTOR I, when your hair got longer, a scar became more visable, eyes changed color... etc.). These are all preset changes for each head they have available. If it was more customizable, as we all wish, then it would be extremely time consuming for the DEV's to still incorporate the physical changes that would take place to your apperance as you became more light or more dark.

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