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I noted that in the original KOTOR skills were rather...useless. Alright, treat injury was nice until I got force powers. Any lack of skills could be gotten around through proper dialogue choices or actually doing work yourself. I am refering to pursuade, which you can either do over again until you succeed or just ignore since it almost always doesn't matter. I am also refering to the use of repair and computer use to kill super easy enemies from far away. The only purpose of repair in the game was HK-47. Computer use was nice in occassionally getting nice items (though that was mainly in the Star Forge at the end of the game where armor doesn't matter as much I think), but why do you need to kill two enemies with computer caused electricity when you can walk over and beat them each in one attack. Why deactivate the shields of droids or the droids themselves when you can more easily use destroy droid and just be happy with the quick and easy kill.


I am entreating the designers of KOTOR 2 to make skills slightly more relevent to play, which can be used to skip mundane and annoying sideroutes to missions are get significant bonuses (more items and sidequests or maybe secret areas). Also, if the team has extra time, they could make more skills like in the pen and paper Star Wars RPG game (extra skills are the least important things on the designers plates now).


Thank you for reading and please don't rapidly rush do dismiss my foolish ideas.




Another strange idea is to replace pazzak with sabaac. It would further to authenticate the star wars feel. However, unlike many people, I have nothing against pazzak.

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The main reason why you never really "needed" skills is because they need to make sure the game difficulty is similar for people that do choose different skills.


As for persuade, I'd say it was probably the best skill to have, aside from maybe some computer hacking (very useful to avoid fights and make things generally all round easier).


With persuade I was able to get people to talk with me more, and give me much more sidequests and better rewards for them.



Having said all that, I'm all for making skills more useful.

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Since a lot of the fun of the game is fighting, why would you want to avoid it? That's another problem with using computers to kill enemies: you don't get nearly as many experience points. It's so much better to fight the enemies directly.


Skills were pretty useless, especially because you eventually had to go up against Malak and be very powerful anyway.


Though I do think it's a good idea to have different skills open up secret areas, quests, etc.

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Its all about the Force in Star Wars. Skills are irrelevant.

On the contrary, star wars is mostly about skills. Piloting is one of the most famous star wars skills. Also, the senate is all about debate and pursuade. Even some force powers could be used as skills (telekinesis), though not in this version of the rules. I think skills like jump or climb could be very useful in taking shortcuts, accessing secret areas, and the like. Maye even swim would be useful. These are more unlikely ideas though.

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Why worry about skills. They were useless in the first game and will be useless in the second game.  Its all about the Force in Star Wars.  Skills are irrelevant.

I highly disagree. KoTR is an RPG so skills is what makes one soldier different than the next. Maybe BIOWARE should have implemented more skill checks, this would give a better feeling of a characters expertise in a skill. Besides a Jedi isn't simply a force user, he has to use other skills in order to further his goals.

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