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As a dark side only plot, I think it would be interesting to join the Exchange and set up a criminal monopoly. You could have side-quests related to getting protection money, smuggling spice, bribing officials, waging warfare against petty gangs, and finally become a 'made man' in the Exchange.

"When is this out. I can't wait to play it so I can talk at length about how bad it is." - Gorgon.

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This idea is cool! Hopefully, they might put in some other competitors or some guild wars. I also like to see that we can run the places like casino, brothel and black market...


PS: If I do run a game developing company, my workers would probably consider me as a slave driver...

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Are you serious, or are you making some reference to the New Reno area in Fallout 2 that no one liked but me?

Who's dissing New Reno? It was the best area of Fallout 2.

I made this half-pony half-monkey monster to please you

But I get the feeling that you don't like it

What's with all the screaming?

You like monkeys, you like ponies

Maybe you don't like monsters so much

Maybe I used too many monkeys

Isn't it enough to know that I ruined a pony making a gift for you?

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This is the most original idea I've heard on these forums in weeks. If this doesn't get implemented then I'm going on a hunger strike.... or something.

Yes, an honest opinion! Listen to this man.



*slips you that $20*

"When is this out. I can't wait to play it so I can talk at length about how bad it is." - Gorgon.

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Thats a good idea after all the Sith are all about power and control. You could even have some smuggler ships at your desposal at later parts of the game to perform various "tasks" for you, you could even arrange assasinations. After all before you set out to rule the galaxy you should learn a thing or two about handling a brutal syndicate (like the Sith empire would be).

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I've been thinking about it and I can see how joining the exchange and advancing in it could be a great DS character sub-plot. I think it could be a nice step in giving DS characters something to do that is purely for personal gain instead of the usual 'save the universe' bit. In fact, it might help justify their saving the universe. Tyrannical Sith can't be that good for business.



Joining the Exchange


Planet A


As you enter a cantina you see an Angry Man berating a Drunken Pilot.


Angry Man: If you inquire about the problem the angry man tells you that pilot gambled away his advance on a game of Pazac. Now the pilot doesn't have enough to repair his ship and the angry man's boss expected the shipment two days ago.


If you offer to help out the Angry Man tells you that he doesn't have any money but he'll write you a note to give to his boss and you'll get the full payment of 200 C. However, it has to be delivered immediately, you cannot open the shipment, and you can tell no one about the shipment. If you agree, he hands you a sealed, metal cylinder and a note.


You can open the package. It's filled with raw spice and you can sell it for 1000C in another area. You can deliver the package to the angry man's boss for 500C. Or, you can report the package to the Plant A Guard for a LS point.


Pilot: If you speak to the pilot he tells you that he's not worried because his skills are sought all over the sector. Losing the money wasn't that bad but he also gambled away his blaster. Now he just needs 200C to repair his ship. Can he borrow it from you and pay you back later?


If you give him the 200C you'll get LS points. If you give him the 200C and his blaster back you'll get LS points and he'll appear later at one of the random 'meeting' spots and give you 200 with 10% interest.


If you report the package to the Planet A Guard he'll remark that the guards took that SOB, the angry man, away and good riddance too.


Gambler: He has the pilot's blaster and will give it to you if you beat him in five games of Pazac.


You can keep the blaster or give it to the pilot.


Guard: Before you leave the planet, a guard will ask you if anyone has asked you to transport any weapons, spice, or unknown cargo. If you show him the package and the note, he'll take both and tell you that he'll investigate the matter. You gain a LS point and when you return to the cantina the angry man is no longer there.


Planet B


Angry Man's Boss:

Various people on Planet B will mention Angry Man's Boss, even before you go to Planet A. It seems he's a businessman in the lower quarters. If you try to approach him earlier you can buy various good off of him but nothing else. If you present him with an open package and the note he'll claim he has no idea what you're talking about. If you hand him the package and the note, he'll pay you 500C and ask if you're looking for some work.


The jobs he offers right now are:

1. A certain young, guard officer is making his life difficult and isn't responding to the usual monetary incentives his friends are. Get him to respond or get rid of him.

2. A friend of the boss seems to have misplaced a land deed and somehow it's ended up in other person's safe. If you could get a hold of it, that would be wonderful.

3. A young gang leader has been attacking the boss's smugglers and stealing their spice supplies. Kill him or destroy his ship. (If you choose to open the package, the is the person who will but the spice from you)


The boss will reward you for all of these but, if you complete all three, he'll tell you that he wants to introduce you to a few friends of his. It's obvious that you're better than the petty thugs that usually work for him and the Exchange is interested in making you a member.


Young, Idealistic Guard:

You'll find the young, idealistic guard at the security checkpoint. You can convince him that you have information on the boss but will only give it to him if he comes alone to a certain, secluded location. Once there you can kill him or warn him that he's in danger and that his friends are on the take.


You can break into his house and read his journal entry about his girlfriend. If you speak with him afterwards you have the option of threatening her. At that point, he'll attack you. Once you kill him, you'll be arrested and you'll have to convince the court that you were just acting in self-defense.


You can also speak with the guard. First, you'll need to convince the other guards that if their buddy keeps on bothering the boss that their good deal might go away. They'll tell you that they've tried to speak with him but he's pretty stubborn. If you've already read his journal, you can speak with his girlfriend and convince her that the guard doesn't treat her right. Persuade her to be more demanding and make him buy her more things. After you've done these thing, if you have high enough persuade, you can convince the guard by bringing up the damage he'll do to his friends and how he deserves that extra money.




These are just some ideas how the Exchange could be grafted into the game in an interesting way.

"When is this out. I can't wait to play it so I can talk at length about how bad it is." - Gorgon.

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You know what might actually be somewhat cool? If instead of the PC being able to do this, one of the NPC party members is able to join some kind of faction. Then, they split off from the main group, you control them during maybe a one or two step quest, then they rejoin your group or something.

"Console exclusive is such a harsh word." - Darque

"Console exclusive is two words Darque." - Nartwak (in response to Darque's observation)

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