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Untargetable (III), the Offensive alternative to Withdraw

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The potion of Refuge look like an alchemical version of Withdraw :

  • +10 Health Restored per 3.0 sec
  • Untargetable
  • Paralyzed

The paralyzed effect is not a truly one, I mean it is not an affliction that cause -5 dex etc, that just dont allow to do anything.

The variance with Withdraw is the missing of Invisible : a character "refugied" can be targeted by the party, but not by enemies, cant move or do something, and is healed.

So, with Wall of Draining for self, or Salvation of Time from the party, a character can stay "invisibly" at melee range, echoing Cipher's spells or receiving some friendly beams, Dimensional Shift, or just chanting* (many lives etc), lowering enemies's defenses with aura*, etc. 

It is less powerful than Martyr's Memories from the Tears of Saint Makawo (basicaly a per-rest combat-only version of Temporal Cocoon) but that can be nice to play. The potion is cheap after all.

If during the refuge effect, the character (from friendly attack or DoT) and is reanimed, then the Paralysed effect disappears. The character is still untargetable and healed : it is like for Reforge the Flesh, but for the combat only.


* Passives aura effects also work under Withdraw effect.

Not chants since there are "actives". 

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