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Hi all, I decided to post my build after reading through various threads. The information provided by @Boeroer was especially helpful!


Dual Mortar Monk


Blessings: +2 Attributes/+2 Skills/5000 Starting Gold/Possibly Fine Equipment


Race: Human


Class: Vanilla Monk (I tried Helwalker initially but was too squishy for my taste)


Faction: Principi


Culture/Background: Old Vailia/Merchant


Skill Focus:  Athletics & Stealth (Active)/Metaphysics & Diplomacy (Passives)


Party: Eder (Kind Wayfarer) Main Tank - Althletics and Metaphysics, Serafen (Soulblade/Barb) Off Tank Willbreaker - Athletics and History/Survival, Maia (Scout) Mechanics/Explosive and Metaphysics, Tekehu (Druid) Alchemy and Arcana/Insight


Base Stats 


12 Might

10 Constitution

18 Dexterity

18 Perception

16 Intellect

6 Resolve




PL I - Lesser Wounds, Swift Strikes


PL II - Dance of Death, Long Stride, Two Weapon Style


PL III - Lightning Strikes, Stunning Blow, Soul Mirror, Combat Focus, Bear's Fortitude


PL IV - Duality of Mortal Presence, Thunderous Blows, Enduring Dance


PL V - The Long Pain, Stunning Surge, Tough, Uncanny Luck


PL VI - Turning Wheel, Flagellant’s Path, Improved Critical


PL VII - Dichotomous Soul, IoP


PL VIII - Resonant Touch, Launching Kick, Razor’s Edge


PL IX - WotW, Prestige, Imagined Pain





Weapon Proficiencies - Blunderbusses, Fists, Large shield


Pet: Loki - bigger AoE again


Weapons: Dual Mortars!


Armor: Gipon Prudensco


Helm: Acina’s Tricorn - Shootist passive


Amulet: Bone Settler’s Torc - +2 Intellect


Rings: Ring of Overseeing & Ring of the Marksman - Bigger AoE and more Pen


Cloak: Stalking Cloak - stun from Stealthed attacks


Gloves: Mortification Bindings - +2  extra class resource for more Stunning Blows!


Belt: Upright Captains Belt - for afflictions resistance


Boots: Bounding Boots - Leap for repositioning

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The one I did (after watching the magnificient gif Boeroer presented) was a Pale Elf for more Per & Dex, Helwalker, with 5 Con & Res (after Berath). Still worked as a charm (in a full party). Used Aloth (Battlemage) for the Pull of Eora and Pallegina (Herald) for aura buffing. 

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